Odom News

Location Above All

In any investment, confidence is key. In real estate, this is largely based on the track record of the developer and location. This is where Odom shines above and beyond the competition. With a solid, international team bringing ideas from a diversity of experience and projects, ULS and its partners have already delivered several well-known projects in Cambodia. And location? Well, this stands on its own.

The most desired office buildings around the world sit in a central location, close to highly sought-after amenities and facilities. Odom will stand at the center of the best-known boulevard in Cambodia (Norodom, which inspired the project name).

Within a five-kilometer radius, Odom has easy access to financial and business headquarters, almost every embassy in the country (with several in walking distance), banking facilities, schools and universities, and the most popular restaurants and bars. Odom has it all – a solid investment opportunity, an unmatched location, and a neighborhood with character. Norodom is consistently one of the less congested thoroughfares in Phnom Penh, in part supported by government regulation that prevents street vendors from blocking traffic, and a regular police presence.

This guarantees easier access in and out of the site, avoiding the bottlenecks that occur inside the smaller streets.

Stand along Norodom in a single day and you will find government officials, and even the Prime Minister, travelling in their motorcade past Odom’s future home. The name itself, in honor of King Norodom, complements it geographic placement. Less than 800 meters from Odom sits Independence Monument, a national icon, and further north the street wraps around historic Wat Phnom. There are some amazing projects being built on the manmade islands of Koh Pich, or the growing areas around Toul Kork, but no address carries the history and prestige of Norodom. Location is everything, and other projects simply cannot compare to the track record and history of the Odom site.