We build community-focused housing, commercial, and lifestyle solutions for the Cambodian emerging middle class.


To be a nationally and regionally recognized company for creating real estate solutions, not only for their innovation and quality but also for the communities they help create.


Communities are formed on a foundation of trust, and we believe the built environment can facilitate the introductions, conversations, and daily interactions that connect people and help form deep relationships. Close communities build great cities and a stronger nation – this is ambitious, but that is what we want to do.


We are developing solutions for the bottom 90 percent of the population. Sure, there is more money to be made in the luxury market, but that is not us. We focus on using good design to create affordable solutions within the budget of the Kingdom’s emerging middle class.


We do not want to promise the world and fail to deliver. We believe in learning from our experiences – what works and what does not. We will share this with clients and we will be honest about feasibility and areas to improve.



Rose Apple Square is a mixed-use community development in the heart of Siem Reap. We’ve brought together four distinct features in one space – residences, strata-titled offices, co-working spaces, and co-living options – making interaction and meaningful collaborations more convenient!

Location: Siem Reap
Construction Start: Q3 2020
Handover: September 2022
Land: ULS
Developer: ULS
Architect: re : edge (KH)
Construction Management: Urban Cambo Builders
Structural Engineering: Advancing Engineering Consultants

Phnom Penh’s information technology and creative hub cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurs, makers, and creative professionals. Factory Phnom Penh makes up the “Work” and “Play” components of the Urban Hub project. Blending working space with creative inspiration, the goal of Factory is to support the country’s young entrepreneurs in developing their next great business idea while helping innovators push the boundaries of art and design.

Location: Phnom Penh
Renovation Start: Q2 2017
Current Status: Ongoing Operation
Developers: ULS (Lead) & Goldfame International
Bloom Architecture (FR / KH)
Aerne Architects and Associates (CH / KH)
Atelier Cole (GB / KH)
Harper Architecture (AU / TH)
Urban Hub (Internal Team)
Construction Management: Urban Cambo Builders

In 2017, ULS ran an architectural competition to “reinvent the shophouse” aimed at repurposing shophouses back in line with their historically community-oriented use. This was the first step to what would become Bakong Village, our Siem Reap development that takes an entirely new approach to housing in Cambodia.

Location: Phnom Penh
Construction Start: Q2 2019
Handover: Q2 2021 (Phase 1)
Land: Joint Venture: ULS & BRCM
Developer: ULS (Lead)
Architect: Aerne Architect & Associates (CH/KH) & Native Landscape Design
Construction Management: Advancing Engineering Consultants

Located ten minutes from the center of the Cambodian capital, Urban Village makes up the “Live” and “Play” features of the Urban Hub project, with over 800 units in Phase 1 – sold out in less than a year – and over 4,000 units for Phase 2 & 3. Directly adjacent to Urban Village is Factory Phnom Penh, where the “Work” and more “Play” activities take place.

Location: Phnom Penh
Construction Start: Q4 2017
Handover: Q3 2020 (Phase 1)
Land: Joint Venture, ULS & Goldfame International
Developers: ULS (Lead) & Goldfame International
Architect: Harper Architecture (AU / TH) & Atelier Cole (GB / KH)
Construction Management: Urban Cambo Builders

Urban Loft was developed to prove that urban Cambodians would live in condominiums. At the same time, its 21 shophouses created an innovative typology appropriate for the modern era. Open layouts prioritizing function, high-quality materials, and attention to detail combined with unique community-oriented amenities for families have helped usher in an entirely new and exciting way to live in Phnom Penh.

Location: Phnom Penh
Construction Start: Q1 2017
Handover: Q2 2019
Land: ULS
Developer: ULS
Architect: Harper Architecture (AU / TH)
Construction Management: Urban Cambo Builders
Structural Engineering: PT&C Engineering