Food & Beverage

We are dedicating more than 1,000 SQM to be food and beverage-focused with the goal of putting a smile on everyone’s faces. Discover new eats at all price points and in all flavors. Residents working in Odom Tower will look forward to daily trips down to the Square, excited about new items to try with friends and colleagues. From upscale street food to sit-down dining, Odom Square will have options for everyone.


Retail at its finest. Odom Square will feature a selection of hand-picked retailers unique to Phnom Penh — from creative fashion boutiques, stylish homewares to eclectic design shops and much more. The Odom team will be travelling the region in the coming months to identify businesses that will stand out from the rest, providing both residents and visitors a wide assortment of shopping and lifestyle options. Our goal is not to be your usual mall with many of the same names, we want every visit to be full of little surprises and delights.

Green, Green, Everywhere.

Whether on the first, third or fifth floor, take a break amongst the greenery.
Rest your feet, catch up with a new friend with an after-lunch cotffee, or grab a game of ping pong on the deck before you head back to the office. We are designing Odom Square with plenty of public space for escape, rest and socializing. With greenery selected for shade and scent, the Square is a place built for people to sit, talk, play and basically, enjoy life.

Places and Spaces

Steps from Odom, start your day and enjoy a morning run at Independence Park. Before heading to the office, go for a caffeine starter to help get your day going. Come mid-day, make plans with your colleagues or future clients for an alfresco lunch on a terrace surrounded by cascading greenery.

A mix of the capital’s top eateries, trendy bars, shopping, music venues and art galleries, the surrounding vicinity makes the five-minute commute easy to get to, especially for the after-work crowd. Find comfort just around the corner, in pedestrian-friendly Bassac Lane where the bars spill onto the streets, and a plethora of bespoke eateries are plenty. Alternatively, explore the bustling riverside, filled with atmospheric rooftop bars with Tonlé Sap river views. Feel the rhythm of this vibrant scene, what Phnom Penh city living was made for.

Floor Layouts

Spread over five floors, Odom Square will offer retail properties from 14 up to 362 SQM (larger can be considered). The Square spans both the Tower and Living buildings of the Odom project as well as the connecting podium. Most areas are public, except for the swimming pool which is exclusive to Odom Living residents.

Parking access is available from the ground floor and the entire square is connected by one set of escalators and two staircases.


Dedicated lifts connect the Square to the 14,500 SQM of underground parking space.