Pricing Policy

Transparent Pricing

All our facilities and spaces come with state-of-the-art standard features to make your life easier and comply with the highest security standards. Whether you choose to live in one of the residences at Odom Living, invest in a state-of-the-art asset for your company at Odom Tower, open a store at Odom Square, or even if you are simply visiting and enjoying Odom’s public shared spaces, you will feel safe here — always.

One Price

Urban Living Solutions is taking a different approach to pricing, honesty. We don’t want you to think if you could be getting a “better” deal if you talk to a different agent. So, we are being completely transparent in our pricing. Yes, prices will increase as the project sells. This happens everywhere, but we’re going to tell you this from the beginning. 

This is how it works for Odom:

Office Space

Odom features 50 floors and 51,000 SQM (NET) office space. We have simple, clear pricing, based on floors. Yes, prices will go up as we sell, contact our agent quickly to secure yours. Note that these are the basic “un-finished” prices where the buyer is doing all the fitout.


Our residents follow the same approach as our office spaces. Price is affected by direction of unit, floor (1% for each floor up from 1F) and time of purchase. Price increases will happen at 20% intervals, those buying earlier will secure better pricing.

Can I get a discount?

Yes, we have  2 Discounts and 1 Rebate. That is all.

Our price is our price is our price. Ask our Sales Agent or our Managing Director, it’s one price. Discounts are available only in the following situations:

Volume Buy 5%

We have a select amount of Commercial Office Space available for large purchase. The minimum is 1 floor (2,000 SQM). This is eligible for a 5% discount. Other terms apply, cannot be combined with any other discount.

Full Cash 3%

If full amount is paid at time of sale, 3% is deducted from the sale price.

Owner-Occupied Year 7 Rebate

We believe the best tenants are local businesses and companies based in Cambodia for the long term. If you are legally registered business with over 60% Cambodian owned and staffed, and, you are still residing in your office at year 7, we will pay you 10% of your price back in cash. Other terms apply, see sales team for more info.

And yes, these offers can be combined, which means there is up to a 18% potential savings. That is it– that’s all the discounts.

Same, same but same.