Real Estate, Investment and More: Mr. CHHOEUNG Kiri (Part 2)

July 24, 2022

A rising business entrepreneur, Mr. Kiri Chhoeung shares his insights on real estate, and talks about the benefits of investing in Odom.

A rising business entrepreneur and one to watch, Mr. Kiri Chhoeung shares his insights on real estate, and talks about the benefits of investing in Odom.As the CEO of Krud Power Real Estate, a Partner of Amara Capital, and a shareholder of IDI Investment, Kiri’s list of growing achievements is constantly evolving. Odom caught up with the private equity and business mogul recently, so make sure to read below for more on Kiri.

It’s wonderful to catch up with you again, Bong Kiri! Please share with us, how did the idea for your business come about? Did something inspire you and have you always had a passion to start your own business?
Currently, Krud Power's main business is in investment funds and real estate sales. My professional career includes over 17 years of working experience, most of which, are in private equity funds and sales. So the idea for starting Krud stems from a combination of my own experience, expertise and skillset for many years. Over the years, I managed to build up the right business network and felt motivated to start something that really focuses on providing sales, consultation, and real estate services to both local and international developers.What is truly important, is that I see the market is ripe to create an investment platform for small and inspiring investors who were previously shut off from investing in perhaps the other mega projects in Cambodia. Thus far, the market reception for our ideas and platforms have been overwhelming. I feel so fortunate to be able to invest in projects like Odom Tower, which not only align with my own business philosophy, but also provides me the perfect platform to showcase my business to potential customers and business partners.

What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur, Bong?
From early on, I have always been driven by a vision for high achievements and a sense of legacy, creating solutions that benefits, and solves problems for everyday customers. Being an entrepreneur has provided me tremendous opportunities to be innovative and realize the vision I initially set for myself.What's more, I have taken to the idea of building wealth and prosperity for my family, my relatives, and people around me. This ensures each one of us access to the best opportunity out there for personal growth and contribution towards the growth of the community and society.What inspires me? I believe the sheer focus and conviction of Odom's founder, Bong Kean Kim Leang on what makes a great real estate development project. His advocacy and passion for livable communities, environments, and sustainability, from Factory to Urban Loft is truly admirable. Also, him and the ULS team continue to do this in such a way that makes it a desirable financial return to both investors and shareholders.

Please share your interest and journey with sustainability, and why do you feel it’s important for you, other residents, and entrepreneurs, Bong?
Like a fish that require fresh natural water to live in, we as humans need an enriching, natural environment to live healthier and longer lives. I believe we need to reflect the need to protect our environment and leave a better place for our children by making sure what we do now follows eco, green and sustainability principles over everything else. Particularly, the motives for pure profit as it is my mission to support and promote sustainable real estate development projects such as Odom and Morakot Park City, both of which have sustainability as an integral part of the design philosophy. These projects not only provide livable, environmentally sustainable features, but also sets to stand as a role model to encourage other developers to follow a similar path. I believe making a difference starts from each of us and being an investor at Odom Tower allows me to showcase my beliefs and show that I walk the talk.

What are you most looking forward to owning a unit at Odom? How do you think owning a space at Odom will benefit you and your colleagues, any other benefits, and features?
Odom Tower is a grade-A office building with numerous desirable amenities such as a social club, gym, swimming pools, retail stores and so much more. This makes Odom Tower a fantastic place to work, live, and spend time at.What's more, the Tower is located along the prestigious Norodom Boulevard, which is not only in the center of Phnom Penh, but also has such a royally connected, historical significance. It was here that our late King Father marched and lead the country to independence. The prestige of owning office space in this prime spot makes it a great place to have my board and executive office, especially in the eyes of potential customers, investors, and partners. Equally important is that Odom Tower is LEED gold pre-certified, a testimony to the founders' desire to bring community-focused, livable, and sustainable offices and condos to the Phnom Penh market.