Odom Living Interior Design

February 23, 2022

The Odom Showroom is Phnom Penh's latest design destination. It's impossible to visit and come home uninspired.

The Odom Showroom is Phnom Penh's latest design destination. It's impossible to visit and come home uninspired. For our well-traveled and design-savvy guests, every single piece of furniture, every wall decor, and every lighting accessory help paint the picture of their future at Odom Living.

Mrs. Patricia Tan of Tan Bespoke Studio offers three interior design tips on how to capture the Scandinavian aesthetics her team has brought the Odom sample condos.

The matching wall shelves in the living room and home office create visual cohesion in the 2BR home.

Repetition is not boring.
In fact, it can help connect different parts of the home together. The condos at Odom Living are pretty big. When decorating a huge space, it can be easy to get distracted and use too many styles at once, making the home a lot less harmonious.

In the 2BR sample condo, we used similar materials with similar patterns and shapes to provide visual continuity between spaces that serve different purposes. For example, we have a wooden grid wall shelf in the living room framing the TV. When you walk past the living room and onto the workspace, we have a similar larger wall shelf and lighting effect.

The patterned wooden divider sections off the living area without making it feel claustrophobic

Divine Divider
A patterned wooden divider can be a great interior design investment. It helps break up the different functions of an open floor plan area. Still using the 2BR mockup home as reference, you can see how the divider adds a stylish focal point to the living area while segregating the space dedicated to food.

Still, because it’s not a solid shape, if someone is cooking or eating food in the kitchen and dining areas, they can still socialize and converse with people lounging on the couch or watching TV.

Different textures and a calming medley of neutrals at play in the 3BR living, dining, and kitchen

Scandinavian Style Elements
This aesthetic is very understated. The color palette is minimal. But this doesn’t mean it has to look uninteresting. Different shades of brown can be achieved by using different types of wood – warm oak, solid local wood, smoked dark oak wood, oak veneer panels, and even some rattan furniture.

A minimalist color scheme can also look very stylish by using varied textures. We paid a lot of attention to the different fabrics we used in the furniture, beddings, and pillows to make them visually exciting.

For more interior design inspiration, visit the Odom Showroom located inside Odom Garden.