Newsletter VOL 1, 16 August

August 16, 2021

With 45 floors hosting over 40,000 SQM of customizable strata-office space on Norodom Boulevard.



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The Odom showroom will officially welcome visitors from the general public from the 6th of September. Sales and home advisors will provide walkthroughs of our mock-up office spaces and samples of our two-and three-bedroom condominiums.

Get in touch with our team to schedule your guided tour!

With 45 floors hosting over 40,000 SQM of customizable strata-office space on Norodom Boulevard, and proximity with an entire community of entrepreneurs and business owners, Odom Tower is the perfect platform to launch your company into the future.OFFICE SPACE FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF SMES

Much of the new office space coming online in Phnom Penh is priced at $3,500 per square meter and above, outside of the range for many of the small and medium enterprises emerging in the market.

The era of running a professional company out of a converted villa or shophouse is over, but buying and building their own office in Phnom Penh is out of the question for many businesses. Odom offers a solution.


Everyone deserves a world-class workspace that will keep employees motivated and clients satisfied. Odom Tower offers different pre-set office units ranging from 62 SQM to 253 SQM (or entire floors). The sweet spot for small companies or ventures getting out of startup mode is up to 100 SQM, we consider these our "Junior Offices". These  can efficiently accommodate teams as small as 8 or all the way up to 40, depending on your industry, preferred layout, and requirements for office density.

Law firms, business management consulting firms, engineering companies, international NGOs, and business associations are just some organizations that could benefit from investing in an Odom junior office. Instead of paying rent indefinitely, you can build a lasting asset for your company, protect your finances from unstable and soaring rent costs, and fit out your workspace precisely according to your team’s needs– perhaps a mini library, standing desks, a nap chair or putting all the desks on wheels so you can reconfigure the space easily– it’s your office, you get to design it!


No matter the size of your office at Odom Tower, your staff will have access to the common bathrooms and a shared kitchenette on every floor. With the help of our AI-assisted elevator system, all occupants will also have fast access to the retail selection at Odom Square and pockets of greenspaces called Sky Villages.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the Odom business community. Build a real estate asset that will create real value and a stronger public presence for your company. Get in touch with us today to get expert advice on the most suitable office units for your business.

We love Odom Garden, just like the hundreds of people who visit daily. We often get asked about the loss of this much-needed green space, and the good news is, Odom will have more green space than the current site. Bringing greenery to the boulevard
Phnom Penh notoriously lacks green space, and with construction not starting for a couple of months, ULS (Odom’s Developer) decided to transform the pre-build site into a small park called Odom Garden. While temporary, its objective is to remind city residents of the vital need for both public and green space. What is less known is that the permanent Odom complex will retain aspects of this temporary park, from trees that will line the podium and Sky Villages to play spaces for children and the much-loved dog run. Once completed, these spaces will house more green space than the floor area of the current park.

With a cascading courtyard and decks, Odom Square, the five-floor retail and commercial podium, is the heart of the Odom project, accessible by employees working at Odom Tower, residents at Odom Living, and the general public. Inspired by the rice terraces throughout Southeast Asia, the naturally ventilated area will provide an energy-efficient community hub with ample vegetation creating cool microclimates to escape the sun and Phnom Penh’s 30-degree daily temperatures.

How we’ll do it
Odom Garden currently covers 3,828 SQM of land, excluding the area for the Odom Showroom and Botanico Café. The full Odom project will encompass the entire site. To increase the total green area to 7,315 SQM, Kite Studio Architecture took special care to build common spaces throughout the project.

Odom invites both pedestrians and vehicles in through dedicated spaces under a canopy of trees. Walking visitors may take the rice terrace-inspired walkway directly into Odom Square while cars and other vehicles make their way to the designated underground parking.

Odom Square includes over 4,000 SQM of space alone, already larger than Odom Garden. In addition to retail access, the Square will act as a community mall and also house the dog run, numerous trees, and seating areas for visitors or office workers to take a break and relax.

Villages in the sky
Moving upwards, office residents at Odom Tower and the general public have access to any of the six “sky villages,” each with a perimeter of outdoor and naturally ventilated green spaces. With an average of over 275 square meters each ( the largest at over 400 SQM), these enclaves provide over 1,600 SQM total of public greenery.

Rooftop Privilege
Both Odom Living and Odom Tower will have exclusive spaces for building residents. Odom Living provides 450 square meters of rooftop garden space, giving building residents unobstructed views to the east, south, and north. It will include shade trees, communal eating areas, and just about anything you want to host small dinners or birthday parties.  

Odom Tower’s topmost five floors will host Odom Town Club, a members-only club for Phnom Penh business executives. The space will feature a high-end bar, restaurant, and lounge and offer a small outdoor running track, workout area, and swimming pool as part of the Club’s fitness facilities. The entire outdoor green space will total over 1,000 square meters.

91% More Space
The strategically planned spaces will provide 91% more green space to the public than the current Odom Garden. While some of these will be exclusive to Odom Residents, the publicly available outdoor areas provide more than 2,000 square meters than the existing park. Yes, there will be a gap of four years while the project is under construction. Still, we hope that Odom Garden, even if for a brief time, will inspire the city, the people, and other developers to prioritize green and public spaces in their projects and public works.