About Us

Community first

With its two towers spanning over 190 and 125 metres in height respectively, and an incredible five-floor podium, Odom is a true contemporary vertical village, connected at its heart by a vibrant square. Such a unique space invites exploration, encouraging people towards rediscovering a true sense of community

Meet our team

The Odom Team

The Odom Project and Sales teams are weathered by many years of experience, in the Cambodian market and abroad. They have a knack for identifying real estate investment opportunities before anyone else and know Odom inside-out. Their approach to both construction, project management and sales is to put customers and their needs first, always.

Sven Adler

With 13 years of experience as a logistics officer in the German Defense Force, Sven was most recently a project manager in Australia. With a passion for sustainable methods in construction, he believes that “A good development should add to the quality of life, not take away from it. It is important to focus on livability and the long-term effect on the city, especially in a fast-developing country like Cambodia.” Sven is the lead Project Manager for Odom.

Raksmey Yean

Raksmey holds a degree in Civil Engineering from ITC Phnom Penh. She started her career as a sales engineer, quickly gaining first-hand technical knowledge on construction materials and practical skills in biz dev. She then worked for 2 years as quantity surveyor at Urban Cambo Builders, sister company of ULS, where she polished her skill set even further. Always eager to do more and better, in December 2019 Raksmey joined ULS as Project Assistant for Odom.

Jason Sok

Senmonorom (aka Jason) joined ULS in early March 2020. An avid traveler, Jason studied in China and explored most of Asia for work. He has outstanding experience in real estate sales, and recently guided his previous team towards selling 72% of the total available units in just 1 year. Both foreign and local buyers, as well as investors, rely on his advice when assessing opportunities. Jason is the Sales Manager lead for Odom.


Kite Studio

Kite Studio Architecture offers more than just design solutions. From architecture and interior design, to master planning or landscaping, Kite approaches design challenges with the belief that every work is a fresh discovery of design senses. At Kite, every effort to find a design solution is like an adventure that offers many paths for a journey to that one destination.


Urban Living Solutions

Urban Living Solutions (ULS) was established in 2016 by Kim “Leang” Kean with a focus on community-focused options for Cambodian development. ULS brands itself as a lifestyle development firm, one that truly looks at the Cambodian landscape to ensure projects are built around and for the people who will live and work there. ULS founder Leang is the lead developer for Odom, project managing the overall concept, master plan, architecture, interior design, and management.


Special Thanks to...

Odom is a Cambodia-based and owned project, backed with the best international talents and expertise. Most of Odom’s partners are also based in Cambodia or have a solid footprint in the country. Among these are G.E.S. Solutions offering QS services and Meinhardt Consultants, leading on the engineering design. CBRE is leading property management. Branding for the project was done by Saat Studio and website design and development by Mäd.